Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Special Training Post for Bigun

I normally don’t post my training but Bigun has recently made…well, almost a plea, for as much training data as he can get his hands on and I feel obligated to support and even encourage his perverse need to delve into the minutia of the world that is blogging about Tri training.

Sure, some of you may call me an enabler…Ms. Bigun may even call a home wrecker for keeping Bigun so occupied but please, that is not my intent…I only wish to be a steward of this community, a binder if you will…dare I say glue? Maybe more like paste…that kind of first grade paste that has the little lid with the stick built in so the clumps don’t fall back on your hand…the paste that that weird kid was always eating…but I digress.

Sunday I had a fantastic run. It was a run to end all runs, it was an early morning trail run along the majestic Rio Grande River through a wooded area known as the Bosque…that’s basically Spanish for Riparian Zone for you non-espanyolers out there. I headed out on my run, a 16 mile run, at about 5:50 am and I took off at a relatively slow pace, around 10:30 min. It is slower to run on single track dirt trail because of issues with traction, the more winding nature of the train and the need to hop over downed branches and fallen trees. During the course of the run I got all that and some running up and down stairs and running through patches of deep sand. I was able to complete the run in 2:43:27, an average pace of 10:11 minutes per mile…it was great.

For some reason not long after the run I became violently ill. It is very rare that I do become ill but when I do I really do it right. I spent the remainder of the day throwing up and flopping around in bed with intense body aches. I lost 6 pounds and stayed home from work the next day feeling weak and tired. Thankfully I felt quite a lot better today so was able to get right back to training though I did take it a easy.

I started off my day with 2000 meters of swim drills and then rode my bike in the 15 miles to work. After work I then did a brick workout, 15 miles on the bike and 6 miles on the run. As you can see the bike was all downhill but of course that means that I rode all uphill in the morning. The run was difficult and hot and I felt weak but I guess, at least, I got it done.

Enjoy the graphs!

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Thanks Al!


  1. Myles, on a tri-related but not traiing related note, I did speak to one of the tri-boys on our club that did the Esprit tri you were asking about at IMAZ. Meet me in email ...

  2. You were that wierd kid who ate glue weren't you? No need to hide.

  3. Good run considering it is rough terain. Congrats on the Gallup tri.

  4. hey great data graphs.

    Ya, da Bigun got me on the athlinks.. I actually like it.

    glad your feeling better.


  5. Glad you are feeling better Myles!

  6. Myles
    I used to eat paste as a kid and I think it shows now.
    I hope someday I can run 16 miles at that pace without wanting to die. Continue to post the graphs. They are full of interesting data and it shows me that I not only think I am slow but I really, truly am.

  7. what about the kiss? Nice graphs, great run - way to work it out. How on earth did you get an R rating?

  8. you aren't supposed to eat the paste????!!?? Crap, that explains all of the teasing recently at work.