Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Big Doin's

Ok Bigun, despite your sage advice I did indeed do my two sprint tris, one of which I've reported and the other was last Sunday in Las Cruses, NM. It's not that the advice wasn't of the highest caliber…it's just that it was rational and reasonable and that is something I only play at. However, I will strive to grow a brain or patience or good sense or something…just not this year since my season has already been planned under the old regime.

So, briefly onto the race. I only knew two of the 40+ Clydes and one of them was a no show. For reasons I can't fathom my arch nemesis Felix was absent despite the fact that this race was almost literally in his back yard. It must have been something dire or unavoidable because as much time as we spend traveling in the South West we tend to never miss a race that is nearby. I don't know the times because this race is famous for delayed posting of results despite the fact that they have rank orders completed by the end of the race. However, I took first among the Masters Clydes and 41st overall in a race of something like 280 people. The second place Masters Clyde placed 106th overall so he was a good bit behind me.

I am both happy with and disappointed in my performance Sunday. Last year I finished 25th overall and my time on the run was 1:25 faster and my bike was 1:31 faster. However, this year I vowed not to run quite as hard in training because last year I fractured a hip exactly one week after this race but this year I am a bit slower but my skeleton is intact, which will serve me well at IMAZ. The second factor is that I'm just entering my IM taper and so was not as fresh as last year so while going a tad faster would have been fun, I think I'm right where I need to be.

Now the absolutely AWESOME news: The GEEKGRL and I are heading to Boulder Colorado this weekend in order to get a serious bike fitting and a new pair of triathlon steeds! Yes indeed, we hare heading to the famed Colorado Multisport, stomping grounds of such blogging luminaries as Bolder, Everyman and the Big D (a.k.a. CPtIM). The GEEKGRL and I are slated to be worked up in the bike fitting grotto between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm…that's right, an entire day…these guys are SERIOUS!

I have some thoughts regarding which bike/s I would like but I'm going to take the approach of going through the interview and fit process and let the professionals make the recommendation. I have researched all the brands they carry pretty heavily and honestly, when you get to bikes at this end of the price tag you are really looking at miniscule differences in terms of flat out quality and are really looking more at the art of matching the athlete to the specific strengths of the bike in question.

However, if the bike does not meet my stylistic ideas of sweetness I'll press for another model. Because I will not be the fastest kid on the block I should at least look like the most dangerous kid…right? Anyway, I don't want to muddy their opinion with my hair-brained ideas. Besides, it makes it a little more interesting to head out not being exactly sure what I will come back with.

Oh…bib numbers for IMAZ will be assigned tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on a great race and a Master's Clyde win!

    Sounds like you are ready to do some damage in IMAZ.

  2. dude, congrats on that podium finish, and outstanding placement in your race!

    what day are you at CM for the fitting? i'd like to drop by!!

  3. Um, you're not going to commit the cardinal sin of buying a new bike to ride just before you do an IM?

    Ask Roman about that - he posted extensively on the subject.

    heh heh...

    Awesome weekend - wish I'd been there!

  4. Congratulations on a great race to begin your taper towards IMAZ. You are definitely going to rock and I will be looking forward to reading the entire tale.

  5. Congrats!

    Bolder one weekend, Tempe the next! Enjoy the first, and I'll be yelling like crazy on the second!

  6. Congrats on the great finish..

    Wow, going to the bike fit gurus. Pretty cool.

    Try to relax during your taper. Your going to kick some ass at IMAZ.

  7. Yea, like my advise is worth a darn...ok, go get your new bike a week before your huge 'a' race. while you are at it, grab some new bike and running shoes. I hear Hammers' got a great new drink out - load up your water bottles with that on race day and give them a whirl along with some fig-newtons - I hear they're great before, during and after a race for nutrition and glycogyn store replenishing. Isn't it time to try a new wetsuit too?

    HA! good luck with your new steed...

  8. Ok, I'm sure nobody will see my retort but I can assure folks that I have no intention of doing new stuff for IMAZ. While I am certainly foolhardy I do draw the line from time to time.

  9. Myles, while Bigun is good at giving sage advice, rarely is he good at listening to it! Don't be fooled by his calm, level minded advice. Like you, he would have actively participated in both races as well!!
    Congrats BTW!!