Thursday, April 12, 2007

Greeted by an Iron Wind

I arrived in Mesa, AZ today and have been greeted by one hell of a wind. It almost blew me over when I got out of my car. However, the wind is supposed to die down and things will be calm for the weekend.

I’m going to try and spend a little time each day blogging about my experiences at IMAZ and since my only experience today was a long boring drive and the wind I’ll leave you with my comment about the wind and the following…enjoy.








  1. Yeah! Good luck this weekend! And enjoy the sleep you can get...

  2. All right big guy - you asked for it, you got it. All I can do is go by your last Iron-distance and your last marathon - so here's my predictions:

    Swim: 1:30 (not much change from last)
    Bike: 5:36 (1 hr pr, you loafed it last time...20mph average, hope for no are faster still, but you will need to hold some in for your run...)
    Run: 6:00 (you'll be nursing your legs, and you have not run much)
    T's - 8 min average (you'll do much better than last time...)

    Total: 13:22, for a huge 1-hr PR, mostly due to the Bike.

    I hope you do better still. You'll need something to shoot for at IMCdA'08.... =;-)

  3. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Good Luck!! You'll pull it out with GREAT time!! While I'm ringing the cowbell for Bigun on Sunday I'll be ringing for you, Comm and TriDummy's friend Jason also!!

  4. Good luck at IMAZ. I am sure that with your bike riding skills you are hoping for a wind that his howling in your face the whole way.

  5. Wishing you a wonderful race!

    Also, if you'd like to tell me where to find your 200K brevet race report...I'd like to read it. I'm a bit concerned about mine tomorrow...the forecast is rain, rain, rain and 40 degrees. great idea, thanks, man! ;-)