Friday, April 27, 2007

WTF? Not another IM Post!

Ok, it’s not like that…it’s not a post about THAT IM but coincidence of coincidences I was alerted to the fact that the course maps for IM Louisville were finally posted. Some time back I had written the race director to see when they would be up and was sent a form letter that, among other things, informed me that the course maps would be available sometime during the first of the year. Ok, I guess we’ll call the second quarter the “first” of the year since we have clearly not passed the half way point.

Here is the PDF for the swim and bike course. The elevation profile initially looks bad but if you look closely it’s just distorted, there really isn’t much elevation gain. The swim, on the other hand, has me puzzled. If anyone out there knows something about the Ohio River please tell me there is somehow little or no current in a major river system. I’ve seen the Missouri river and the Mississippi river and do not want to swim a mile upstream in either of them.

The run course looks pretty much like a run course. I don’t know the area so I don’t know what to expect but I can tell you that I am very excited about the prospect of running down the finishers chute on 4th Street Live! It is a downtown party area with lots of clubs and overhead walkways and add to that the extra fanfare that the IM organization will make sure is there and I’m thinking it will be like running in on a party.

So do I work towards an earlier finish, all things permitting of course, and get to the finish line when folks are fresh…relatively, or do I shoot for a 16:30 finish when the locals are good an drunk and leaping around on the overhear walkways? I think these plans both have their merits.


  1. After looking at the swim map, I could care less about the elevation. (BTW, Winz's elevation profiles look far less severe).

    It's the swim that has me bugged. 1.2 miles UP river. Not to worry, my coach's response to my generally freaking was, "Just draft off a couple guys, you'll barely notice the current."

    Where will YOU be swimming on race day?

  2. Pretty far ahead of the rest of us, I'm sure.
    I'm pretty worried about the swim as well. It might as well be 5000 meters. Now I have something new to be anxious about: swimming UP RIVER.

  3. I heard they are going to dam up the river to make it like a swimming the current may indeed be slight.

    And finishing as soon as possible leaves more time to become one of the drunks--this would be my choice.

  4. I don't know much about your upcoming IM but the thought of swimming up river, up any river, sounds a bit like work to me.

    P.S. I don't care what you write about - keep writing and I'll keep reading.

  5. Hey guys,
    My name is Brad Young and I run the TGI Friday's at 4th Street Live in Louisville. We are stoked about this event coming to Louisville. The area of the Ohio River where you will be swimming is just upstream from the Mcalpine Lock and Dam. From what I've heard they plan to raise and lock the dam for your event. Though this will not completely stop the current it will significantlty slow it. Hope this eases your concern a bit. Looking forward to your visit.