Monday, June 05, 2006

Come on baby light my fire

Today I oficially began my heat conditioning. Actually I was going to start that about a month ago but the day I started is the day I became seriously injured during my run so I have laid low. However, there is no more time to waste. I've got the go ahead to swim and bike all I want and I have races to get ready for. Today after work I wnet for a 40 mile spin out onto the west mesa back behind the extinct volcanos that sit to Albuquerque's west. There is nothing out there but pavement, sand, desert grasses, lava rocks and WIND. Today it was a scorching 97 degrees with a stiff wind comming predominantly from the north, right into my face. The picture here is the west mesa and it gives you an idea of the ammount of shade that is available. In the distance are the volcanos. This picture would have been taken fron the road I was ridding on.

What can I say, I went through 3 28oz bottles of fluid and ran out maybe 5 miles from home, I was pouring sweat when I was climbing up onto the mesa and the hill blocked the wind and I was dry and hot in the wind. When I got home I was coated with a white layer of salt.

Watch out summer, here I come!

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