Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's a Triathlon Vacation!

Yahoo! Today I finalized the last of my reservations for the vacation Wife and I will be taking this summer! It's going to be a triathlon vacation. Here's the scoop.

First stop, Flagstaff, AZ where we will participate in the Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon. There is also an Olympic and a Half-Iron that day but come on, this is a vacation and we will be week two into a 5 week spate of races.

Next stop, Lee Vining, CA. It is a little town en route to our next destination, it fits my criteria of being on a road where I have never driven before and it has some cool looking stuff nearby. One place is Mono Lake, which is one of the oldest lakes in the western hemisphere. The other cool place near Lee Vining is Bodie State Historic Park, the official ghost town of the state of California! What makes a ghost town so cool? Well, let's face it, Wife and I are New Mexico Outlaws After departing Lee Vining it will be a brief drive northward to beautiful Lake Tahoe where we will be staying on the South Shore on the California side. While there we will head out to the Nevada side to Lake Tahoe State Park to catch showing Othello at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

After a couple days in Lake Tahoe it's on to Portland, OR to visit Dad and Step-Mom as well as a Blogging Tri pal of Wife's, Slow Brave Athena. No time to breath yet for it's on to Bend, OR to race in the Deschutes Dash, Oregon's Best of the U.S. race.

Whew, I'm getting tired just writting this rest for the wicked. Now it's on to Pocatello, ID for three reasons, it is conveniently on our route, it is a cool little town and it has a most excellent little coffee shop near the University. Wife and I stopped there during out last mega-tour of the west.

Finally, we hit Blanding, UT for the grand finale mystery activity. There is a lot of outdoor fun to be had around Blanding and we have as many as two days left to explore then it is homeward bound.

July 15th can't get here soon enough!


  1. oh my. you guys have an awesome vacation ahead of you - and kidless too! At least you'll be too busy to think too hard about how the kidlets are doing, right?

  2. The kid is going to be in good hands, we will be worry free.