Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lazy Sunday Long Swim

Today there just isn't all that much to report. I took it easy this morning and Wife and I headed up to Cochiti Lake for a nice long swim. I was hoping for it to be a group swim but the group consisted only of Wife and I so as soon as the wetsuit was on I hit the water for a race pace swim to the other side of the lake, 1.3 miles.

You can see the route I took to the right and above is a picture of Cochiti Lake right along the stretch I swam taken from the shore I left from. The picture of the swim route and the distance measurement was done by a little online program called "Map My Run", I've found it to be very accurate.

My sighting on the way back was a little off, which added about 1 10th of a mile to the swim and my overall time for the 2.7 miles was 1:18:14, not too shabby. It would have put me out of the water in 558th place out of 1943 finishers at IronMan Arizona last year, which will be my first big race next season and my first official Ironman.

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