Saturday, June 03, 2006

Milkman race report; a view from the sidelines

You will note my blog is sporting the brash new Milkman Triathlon logo. Having not heard a single dissenting view regarding my suggestion I have adopted the World's Toughest Milkman as the event's new logo, let's see if it ends up on next years t-shirt.

As the offical team photographer I did my duty by shooting up a new disposable equipment is too valuable to be used as an official New Mexico Outlaw's whatever.

It was a beautiful day out in Dexter, NM and the temperature was fairly moderate though it started heating up later morning. I remained comfortable while my teammates were working hard. I stood around by the lake snapping off pictures as teammates came crawling out of the water, there was a nice coll breeze blowing off the lake.

On the bike I found a nice shadey spot, again in an area that took full advantage of that cool breeze off the lake. After a while of waiting for the first Outlaw to return to transition the wind really started to pick up. I tried to stand my ground in the shade but with the combination of shade, cool lake water and the higher wind I began to get a little chilly so I boldly moved across the street into the sun.

When the first Outlaw came flying by I snapped a shot. It took some time for the next Outlaw to come by and I had time to note that folks were looking pretty haggered off the bike. I surmised that the wind was indeed tough out there on the course, which was later confirmed by many who complained about the ride uphill most of the way to the turn around and then the headwind all the way back. For several of the folks toward the first quarter of the pack or so the wind was a cruel joke because they would not have had the benifit of a tail wind to push them along but would have turned into the head wind for the return.

As luck would have it I ran out of film but I did get a shot of Wife comming in on the bike. Being out of film, having bravely done my duty, I sauntered over to the finish line and grabbed a cool drink and stood around in the shade. It's thirsty work being the team photographer but someone has to make the sacrifice and I was man enough to step up.

Oh, the other Outlaws did their part too, you know, posing for pictures, winning cool trophies....all very dramatic...I think I'll keep them around.

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