Friday, June 02, 2006

Officially out of commission

I said that unless I heard otherwise I would be running the Milkman this weekend. I heard otherwise. I recieved a call from my sports medicine guy and he informed me that he and his colleagues are 99.9 percent sure that I have a stress fracture of the acetabulum. That is the cup-like area within the hip where the head of the femur attaches.

Here is his actual e-mail:

"I just reviewed your MRI. I am concerned that you have a stress fracture in your acetabulum (the cup part of the hip). Our musculoskeletal radiologist is not here today but I have left him a message to call me in the morning after he has had a chance to look at the scan.

This is a unusual injury but has been reported. I personally have not seen one. I would advise you not to run on this as the stress fracture can go onto complete fracture with repeated insult.

E-mail me a number where I can call you if you wish or I can e-mail you tomorrow after I have read from the radiologist."

I recieved a call from him later, earlier today, and he let me know that when I come in for my next appointment he will do some additional x-rays and possibly a CT scan if questions remain.

Oh well, back to being the team photographer.

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  1. Awe MAN! That's tough news. Good luck with treatment and rehab.