Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trumpet Call Please it is, my Ultravelo Bike story. I rode a bicycle...1012.79 miles this month...June 1 to June 29. I am not going to ride tomorrow.

There is a reason my temmates call me "Myles" and that reason is because I put a lot of miles in on the bike. Typical months run between 750 and 850 miles, even in winter. It isn't because I think I need this much time in the saddle or even that I think it is advisable for a triathlete to put this much time in the saddle, it's simply that I love to ride.

So why did I go the extra distance this month? I have been unable to run and was concerned about loosing fitness right in the middle of the season. I wanted to be able to keep the weight down and the cardiovascular fitness up.

What was the outcome of all these miles? I have maintained my weight at a Clydeorific 212.5lbs and during the month was able to post a 107.3 mile ride in 5 hours 34 minutes and 15 seconds on a hilly course. I know I showed up to Buffalo Springs overtrained last weekend but I'm not concerned because I wasn't running in my division anyway I was just out to have a good time and the mileage took precedence.

I can honestly say that my legs feel a little fried right now and I'm looking forward to backing off and getting in some recovery, then well see what gains I may have made.

I also pumped up the swim a little. Right now I'm sitting at 20,311 meters but I still have one more swim to complete tomorrow and am undecided on the distance.

Fortitudine Vincimus!


  1. What? One day off? Slacker! (I'm so kidding)... wow, what an awesome accomplishment. Congrats man.

  2. (sigh) how am I EVER going to have ANY self esteem if you keep doing stuff like this?